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Private Classes

Learning to swim for the first time can be embarrassing for some people, especially for those who are older. For any age, there is a swimming instructor to cater specifically to each person’s needs. Miami Swim Center is hoping to give you the best experience with our swimming lessons.

Private classes give the opportunity for those who feel embarrassed learning in a group and receive 1 on 1 swimming instruction. This gives the student the best experience in order to take in the information required for swimming. Specialized swimming techniques allow those who are wishing to improve their swimming performance or learn for the first time understand safety in the water. Proper form and technique will give students the ability to swim on their own.

We also have group classes available. Swimming fitness is important for those who can’t use normal gym equipment or have a preference to the pool. For more information on our swimming instructor and swimming classes, contact Miami Swim Center in Sunny Isles Beach, FL today!